Trump lawyer Powell: “Almost at the finish line to overturn election results in several states”

Lawyers for the Trump campaign are bringing out the heavy guns, in interviews to the Fox News network they point to having evidence of election fraud of immeasurable proportions. At the center of these allegations are election technology providers such as Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, whose hardware and software could be used to redirect tabulated votes in real time in favor of candidates.

In an interview broadcast Sunday morning with Fox News’ Mario Bartiromo, former federal prosecutor and Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell stated that a flood of evidence was currently being received in connection with the election fraud allegations brought forth by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Evidence of widespread election fraud is said to exist – election software in focus
According to Sidney Powell, the Trump campaign’s legal team is in the process of overturning the election results in a number of states, stating that there is sufficient evidence relating to widespread election fraud, which would be followed by official crime investigations. Sidney Powell commented as follows:

“I am not making these statements in this interview without having evidence available to us that sufficiently corroborates and supports these statements.”

According to this, the voting machines from Dominion Voting Systems used in the course of the American presidential elections in a large number of states, together with the software used, had diverted a large number of votes cast in favor of U.S. President Trump to presidential challenger Joe Biden.

Sidney Powell went on to say that in the meantime a whistleblower, among others, had testified that the software used in connection with the presidential election had been programmed solely to “manipulate” election results in a desired manner.

The same whistleblower, according to Powell’s testimony, had observed such operations with his own eyes in other countries around the world, referring primarily to voting machines and software from Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic. These allegations could also apply to other systems used in the election process.

Rumors and speculation about major donor George Soros
For many years, there have been persistent rumors and speculations that George Soros, a generous donor to the Democratic Party, directly influences American elections by investing in Smartmatic. According to Fact Check, these rumors and speculations are untrue.

According to Fact Check, these are persistent “conspiracy theories” that have nothing to do with the truth. However, evidence of votes diverted by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic is coming in in droves at this point, Sidney Powell told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in her interview.

Electoral votes allegedly diverted by algorithm
However, she would not and could not disclose the evidence now available to the Trump campaign’s legal team in the context of a public interview, despite everything further elaborating as follows:

“A USB stick can be inserted into these [voting] machines, software updates can even be made over the Internet…from Germany or Venezuela. The flow control sees itself capable of tracking tabulated votes in real time and redirecting cast votes in real time. Suspected hostile actors can access everything remotely. We have mathematically identified the exact algorithm they used and intended to use from the beginning.”

Sidney Powell also referenced a 2019 investigation of Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota), Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), and Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), as well as other Democratic lawmakers, that revolved entirely around Dominion Voting Systems, Election Systems & Software, and Hart InterCivic.

Even before the election: serious concerns about the voting technology systems that were used
The Washington Examiner published a detailed report on this a few days ago, which can be opened at this link. The report explicitly states that Democratic lawmakers raised serious concerns about the security of the voting technology systems used in the election process before the U.S. presidential election was held.

“We have serious concerns about the involvement of private equity firms in many sectors of the economy along with the associated impacts – including the voting technology industry, an integral part of our national democratic electoral process. These problems threaten the integrity of our elections and demonstrate the significance of voting technology systems that must not only be robust, but also durable and, above all, not vulnerable to fraud.”

These concerns stem from a letter sent by Democratic lawmakers about a year ago to the companies listed above. Sidney Powell added that her team had discovered irregularities in vote tabulation “that are unfathomable.”

This was particularly the case with regard to individual states, whose officials assumed that their systems in use had integrity and were protected against manipulation.

State of Texas already rejected the use of Dominion Voting Systems
It should be noted at this point that the state of Texas has rejected the use of Dominion Voting Systems three times. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick explained this decision as follows: “All six top software experts consulted on this matter have stated in unison that the software being used is not only unreliable, but absolute garbage.”

In the course of the elections held, the Republicans saw themselves in a position to gain at least eleven seats in the House of Representatives from the Democrats, while in the upper house, with an eye on the Senate elections to be held on January 5 for the last two seats up for grabs for the state of Georgia, it will probably remain with a Republican majority.

It is not only among conservatives that voices are multiplying in pursuit of an answer as to how such a voting pattern would square with a potential presidential election victory for Joe Biden, not to mention the fact that Biden has garnered more electoral votes than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history, including Barack Obama in 2008.

Despite complaints, CISA agency assumes ‘safest election in U.S. history’
On Thursday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), an agency under the Department of Homeland Security, had released an official statement saying that in the case of the presidential election, it was the “most secure election in American history” despite a multitude of judicial lawsuits related to irregularities and voter fraud in a number of swing states.

Smartmatic said in an official statement Saturday it had no ties to Dominion Voting Systems. But Sidney Powell had mentioned in an interview to Maria Bartiromo that Smartmatic was operated by Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion had repeatedly pointed out in recent weeks that its own voting systems were not compromised in any way.

Attorney Rudy Giuliani, who is part of the Trump campaign’s legal team, takes a very different view, pointing out a few days ago that Dominion had connections to Smartmatic. In the case of Smartmatic, it is said to be the main technology supplier for holding elections in Venezuela, including the era of Hugo Chavez, from a past perspective.

Furthermore, Giuliani stated that in the case of a lobbyist serving Dominion Voting Systems, it is the former chief of staff of Governor Brian Kemp from the state of Georgia.

Dominion denies all allegations related to detour of election votes
Dominion has denied all allegations that its purpose-built voting machines diverted votes cast by Donald Trump to Joe Biden (on Election Day and beyond).

Finally, it should be mentioned that the controversies and discussions about the integrity of the election process technology being used are not only threatening to escalate to excess in conservative media, but that it is even major television networks such as Fox News or Newsmax that are intensively addressing and dealing with the accusations and questions currently arising.

Media outlets that lean toward the Democrats, such as CNN, CBS and MSNBC, apparently cannot and will not address these questions. Rather, the accusations currently made by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Congress (RNC) are cast into doubt by these media and relegated to the realm of fables.

Major operators of social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook censor these discussions or provide tweets and posts on this topic with references to untrue, controversial, dubious or questionable allegations.

Strikingly, however, Facebook and Instagram had been tagging Joe Biden with the title “president-elect” since last week, which suddenly changed on Sunday morning, referring to the former vice president of the Obama administration only as “projected winner.”

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If these accusations were actually substantiated, proven to be correct, and proven to be relevant, our republics based on democratic systems would be nothing more than banana republics of the first degree.

If the integrity of the electoral process per se is in doubt, all elections and their integrity would henceforth be questioned by large segments of society. It is one of the last bastions in the belief in “democratic” co-determination.

Whether it is a “matrix” that functions in this way, i.e., deliberately corrupted election polls are published in the run-up to elections in order to prevent voters of a certain political camp from voting (voter suppression), in order to bring about the desired election result by means of interventions in the software of the voting machines – if necessary – may soon become clear.

It remains to be seen what legal action the Trump campaign’s lawyers will be able to bring against these allegations – or not.

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