Pacific region: Australians warn of growing risk for war

As the New Zealand government practices rapprochement with the People’s Republic of China in an attempt to boost bilateral trade between the two nations, political and economic tensions between the Beijing government and political leaders in Australia’s capital, Canberra, are growing at a rapid pace.

New Zealand prefers China to the Five Eyes
The fact that cabinet members of the New Zealand government are now even openly talking about distancing themselves from the “Five Eyes” alliance, which has existed since the Second World War and to which the USA, Australia, the U.K. and Canada belong, in favor of a rapprochement with the People’s Republic of China, if necessary, does sound quite surprising in view of the developments in the Pacific region.

In light of a trade war between the People’s Republic of China and Australia that has intensified over the past several months, high-ranking officials Down Under are now openly warning of the possibility of an emerging military conflict (aka war) between the two nations.

Australian secretary of state is seeing risk of war
A few days ago, it was Mike Pezzullo, Permanent Secretary in the Australian Department of Home Affairs, who warned that “the drums of war” were beating in the face of deteriorating relations between Beijing and Canberra.

It is the free nations of our planet that hear these drums beating in consideration of advancing militarization, Pezzullo said. For this reason, he said, all possible measures must be taken to maintain peace in the world, although it is necessary to face the curse of war and be prepared for it.

Pezzullo avoided naming the People’s Republic of China directly in this context. It remains to be mentioned that Australia is a member of the so-called Quad Group, a NATO-like organization that would prove to be a four-nation alliance in the fight against the People’s Republic of China in the event of potentially intensifying tensions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Australian defense minister also warns
Earlier, Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton had stated that the possibility of war breaking out over the Taiwan issue in the region should not be underestimated and dismissed out of hand. Rather, people should allow realism to enter their minds in light of the tense situation, Dutton said.

After all, he said, militarization of bases can be observed throughout the region at the moment. These activities are increasing with each passing day, while the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan are becoming increasingly hostile to each other.

Beijing sees wrong signals and reacts with sniffles
In the meantime, the Beijing government has taken a stand on the statements made Down Under. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin expressed his hope that the Australian government would fully recognize the sensitive situation between the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan.

In this regard, Australia should stop,

“sending wrong signals to the separatist forces in Taiwan who were striving for independence.”

Like bilateral relations between the United States and China, the situation between Beijing and Canberra has also intensified over the past several months. Just recently, the Australian government withdrew from two previously signed treaties between the People’s Republic of China and the state of Victoria.

New Silk Road: Contracts have been cut off
Both contracts had been signed in order to join the construction of infrastructure with the aim of repairing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of the Chinese. The word from Beijing on the development was that the government in Canberra should get rid of its Cold War mentality, including ideological reservations.

But nothing of this can be observed at present. Rather, a leak has now occurred of a speech given, including previously secret instructions and directives to high-ranking military officials in Australia.

Leak: Australian Major General sees very high risk of war
These documents, which have now been made public, reveal that Australian Major General Adam Findlay, formerly commander of the Australian Special Forces and currently an advisor to the Australian Ministry of Defense, said that he was focusing on an imminent war against the People’s Republic of China, the likelihood of which Findlay considers to be “very high.

The release of this material, which was leaked to The Age and reported throughout Australia and in major London newspapers, threatens to bring the tense situation between Australia and the People’s Republic of China to a boiling point.

According to Findlay, the People’s Republic of China is currently using covert operations, which are taking place in a gray area, and which are directed against Australia as well as other interests of the Western allies. For this reason, Findlay said, Australian forces must be prepared at all times for the current situation to turn into the outbreak of open warfare.

Findlay added that there is a growing realization and realization among a growing number of ordinary citizens in their own country that the outbreak of war in the Asia-Pacific region is not only possible, but is becoming increasingly likely.

Australia’s government would be making a grave mistake if the country’s political leadership did not now at the latest take care to strengthen its own military, which from the current perspective is not capable of winning such a war.

DepthTrade Outlook

Concretely, it means that all these developments have already been highlighted in detail in past reports, with the indication that the threat of war is massively growing all over the world. Who might not have believed it so far, has now heard it again clearly from the mouth of the Australian top general Adam Findlay on the basis of leaked material.

It is to be assumed that with these developments goals are connected, means that the armament budgets are to be increased also outside of the USA under the western allies massively. Finally, here are a number of links to reports in which I have dealt with this development in sufficient detail.

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This list could be continued…in the respective reports there are again links to reports even older in time. What would like to be expressed? Conclusion: Do not mentally fade out these developments, but include dangers of this kind in your considerations, no matter of what nature.

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  1. The Aussies are not NATO members, but at least major non-NATO ally…that means they are nonetheless allies as a non-NATO member. However, in my opinion, the protection by NATO would be guaranteed by the UK, especially since the strategic position of the Aussies is extremely useful to stand up to the enemy “red” in the South Seas. Bases are quickly built, if not already in place. Australia could thus be the Trojan horse for an American war.


  2. In my opinion, war is exactly what should be achieved. Only after extreme chaos is a complete reset possible. I don’t think Corona will have the potential for a Great Reset. Slap side yes, but not KO. a war turns everything upside down though. Expect the impossible.

    I wish the “leaders” of this world would want to prevent it, but I don’t believe in the good in people.

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